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How to Install Mods on ARMA 3 Game Server

For best results. Install Mods 1 or 2 at a time unless they have dependencies. Confirm it works prior to adding more mods.

This article will explain the steps to install Workshop mods on your ARMA 3 game server you have with us using the Workshop browser built into the control panel.

Please Note:

Some mods may have different setup steps, or require extra steps after install (such as editing of a configuration file or your mission file). The mod info page or documentation for the mod should tell you this.

For multiple mods, repeat from step 3 on-wards for each mod.

Some mods, will not work with other mods, add your mods one at a time, testing after each to help find problem mods and for a smoother install.

How to install workshop mods:

Login to our TCAdmin control panel and select the game server you want to work with.

Click on the Steam Workshop (Blue) icon. There are three icons relating to the workshop browser. For this step you want the blue one.

Find the mod you wish to install find it in the browser and click install. Let the process complete. Larger mods will take longer to complete.

Head to the Commandline Settings you'll see a command line called "Workshop Browser Mods + Extra Command line options."

If you use Exile. You will need to/already have the Exile command line selected. You will have to manually add mods as explained below to your Exile command line.

Hit Enable Me? on that command line (you'll see this on the right hand side. If you have a small screen, it may not show! If so, just zoom out )

The installer should automatically add the mod folder names (@WORKSHOPID) to the -mod section. So if you've added 2 mods, you'd see similar to @1995290506;@450814997; .
If the workshop page lists required mods, those will be installed too.

Check the list to make sure all your mods are there, if you've added any outside of the browser, you'll need to add them here, sometimes it may not be added automatically too. Some mods need to be in the -servermod box instead, if so it'l say on the workshop or website page.

The mod listings in this box, must match what the folder name is on your server. If you've added any manually and not named it using the ID, you must make sure it matches what you've named it. The folder must always start with @

Once you have checked and are done, click the Apply button.

Before you hit that start button

Check if that mod has any other steps you need to complete, such as editing a configuration file or your mission file. The mod should tell you on its workshop page or website if this is the case. We advise checking using Google to see if there are any instructions elsewhere.

You may then start your server and if done correctly, your server will now be online with that mod!

Updating Mods.

When the Steam workshop browser detects an update for your mods it will list in in the 'Updates' page of the workshop.

Click the update icon for the mod in question, which will update it and move the new key file. You can also 'Update All'.

Once the update process completes above you will have new folders in your file manager which are the updated files. You will need to rename these folders to what you named in your command line. So complete step 5 from the steps above.

Updated on: 04/03/2022

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