This article will explain the steps to install Workshop mods on your ARMA 3 game server you have with us.

Please Note:

Some mods may have different setup steps, or require extra steps after install (such as editing of a configuration file or your mission file). The mod info page or documentation for the mod should tell you this.

You can find the Mod ID, of any mod, or map mod, at the end of the URL. For example:
The id is at the end after id= . So the Mod ID would be 1581857481

For multiple mods, repeat from step 4 on-wards for each mod.

Some mods, will not work with other mods, add your mods one at a time, testing after each to help find problem mods and for a smoother install.

How to install workshop mods:

Login to our TCAdmin control panel and select the game server you want to work with.

Click on the Mod Manager button.

Install the SteamCMD system in the menu.

Go back a page and click on the Workshop Mod Downloader button

In the box provided, specify the workshop mod ID that you wish to install. (Only one mod at a time)

Click execute. This will then download the mod to the root of your game server.

You can now use the built in workshop browser in the control panel to install mods. This will also move your KEY files to the KEYS folder in the root directory.

Click the "File Manager" button, and you should then see a folder with the mod ID of the mod you just downloaded

Click the rename button and rename it @something.

Change something to anything you like, to help specify it much easier, name it after the mod, for instance if you were installing a mod such as ACE, name it @ace

Mod Keys And Where To Put Them

You do not need to move the key files if you installed your mods file the workshop browser. This does it for you.

It is recommended to do this via a FTP program to make this easier. How to Connect to the Server Using FTP. The steps below will be slightly different if you are using an FTP program.

Within the mods folder that you downloaded, there should be a folder titled Keys in here are what we call .bikey files.

Download the .bikey files located in the folder. If there is more than one, include them all. They have to be .bikey files, nothing else.

If there all multiple .bikey files within the mod folder, select all of them. Click on create a zip and then download the zip file created.

Go back out of the mods Keys folder and to the root of the server. There should be another folder titled Keys - If that folder doesn't exist, create one.

Upload the .bikey files into this folder.

If you created a zip of multiple keys in step 10, upload the zip, then extract it.

Back out of the File Manager and click on Commandline Manager

Select the command line that best suits your requirements, or create a Custom Commandline using the Custom Commandlines tab.

Add the name of the mod folder you set in step 8 into either the -mod box or the -servermod box shown.

Most mods from the workshop will need to be specified after -mod, some may require -servermod, the mod should tell you this on its workshop page if it is the case.

For multiple mods they should be separated by colon and inside ", for example:


Considering the nature of how ARMA III operates, it is best to do this one step at a time when adding mods. Once you encounter an issue, you can contact support to look into it and it'll help us solve the issue faster.

Once you are done, click Apply.

Before you hit that start button

Check if that mod has any other steps you need to complete, such as editing a configuration file or your mission file. The mod should tell you on its workshop page or website if this is the case. We advise checking using Google to see if there are any instructions elsewhere.

You may then start your server and if done correctly, your server will now be online with that mod!

How to install mods not on the workshop

We have popular mods that are not on the workshop, install-able via the "Mod Manager" (see step 1 to 2 above, on how to get to the mod manager). Some install-able in one click, others need further steps after install.

If your mod isn't in the "Mod Manager", contact us and we will be able to add it in most cases.

When you have installed the mod from the mod manager, follow steps 9 on-wards above.

If the mod isn't updated, please notify us in a support ticket.

Can I manually upload a mod not on the workshop?

This depends, if the mod does not have a DLL file, then yes, you can upload it via an FTP program, or the File Manager.

Please note, the File Manager has upload limits due to webftp timeouts, you must use an external FTP program to install large ARMA 3 mods. Please see here on how to connect using FTP: How to Connect to the Server Using FTP

If the mod has a DLL file, you will need to contact us to upload that mod or add it to our Mod Manager. This is because these files can be manipulated to for example, damage our systems or steal your personal data. Therefore this is done for our own, and your safety and security.


If you get a keys error on join, please see step 9 on-wards above. Contact us if would like assistance.
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