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ARK: Survival Evolved Saves Options

This guide will help you with the different ways that you can upload your Ark: Survival Evolved save. This method is similar for rolling back the server to a pervious save or if you need to test a fresh map and revert back to the save. All images are guidance on where to find the area you need regarding saves.

If you're transferring to us from a different provider and would like to transfer your save, config, mods etc. We'll happily do this for free, simply contact us.

All options can be done via the File Explorer or FileZilla. The recommended method is FileZilla. You can download a copy of FileZilla via here FileZilla Client. The one you need to download and install is the Client version. This version allows for you to transfer files.

You can determine what save folder your current map/saves are going to by using the Command-line Settings. To check and see which save is active on your server, go to the Command-line Settings and find the Alt Save Directory field. This is the field that indicates to the server which save folder that you need to be loaded.

Ark Alternate Save Folder

If you would like to switch maps while reserving your saves separately, you can create a new folder within the Saved folder and direct the Command-line Settings to get the saves from that folder via the Alt Save Directory field. Your folder can be named to your preference as long as it is loaded via that field.

How to Find Your Save Files

The files that you will need in order to upload your progress from another host or other hosting types, you will need a folder called SavedArks. This folder can also have different names if you've setup a specific named folder for your saves. To access your save files on your PC or host, navigate through your host or PC. The Host pathing can be similar. The pathing is typically ShooterGame > Saved > SavedArks.

If you are unsure how to find this folder via your local computer, you may access this quickly via Steam > Library > Right click Ark: Survival Evolved > Properties.

The files within the SavedArks or other named similar folder under Saved will be your saves and other different saves. The SavedArks can vary and they can be backups, other maps, and such. These folders names can be depending on what you have named them.

Example of File Explorer location of Saves

How to Upload Your Saves via File Explorer
To upload your ARK saves via the File Explorer first login the TCAdmin Control Panel via here.

Click on the File Explorer. Follow the file path of ShooterGame > Saved > SavedArks.

Your game saves will be named based upon the map you are currently playing on. For this example, the map is Ragnarok and the saves are named accordingly. The main current save is always named "Ragnarok.ark" and previous saves are always in this naming format. "Ragnarok_09.11.2020_10.17.16". Refer to the screenshot above.

Breaking down the previous saves
Previous saves are in this naming format -- Ragnarok_09.11.2020_10.17.16. This breaks down to the Map then the Day Month Year and then the time of day the save was take. This one is at 10:17am UTC. The time is set to the server's time zone of UTC. Refer to screenshot above.

Creating a New Saved Folder or Renaming a Saved Folder
Here are the steps to creating a new saved folder. Click on File Explorer and then find the file path of ShooterGame > Saved. Click on Saved and then Click on "New Folder" and name to your preference. Refer to screenshot above for folder location.

How to Upload Your Saves via FileZilla

Here is an example screenshot of FileZilla.

Example of FileZilla

Uploading your saves via FileZilla is very similar to uploading it to through the File Explorer. You can use the above screenshot of the File Explorer to locate your folder for the saves.

Once you open FileZilla, you'll see locations to enter the Host, Username, Password, Port. The Host and Password the same as your TCAdmin login information. The Host and Port is the FTP information that is located on your TCAdmin control panel.

On the folder areas, the left handed side is your PC's folders and the right handed side is the Server folders. Navigate through the folders on each side to match the pathing of Shootergame > Saved > SavedArks. Your save folder can be renamed to something else if you need to keep separate copies for different maps or such.

Click and drag the folder from your PC on the left side that you wish to upload to the server over to the right side. Allow time for the transfer to complete.

Updated on: 25/01/2021

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