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ARK: Survival Evolved Cluster / Cross-ARK Setup and Use

With two or more of our ARK: Survival Evolved game servers, we can set them up as a cluster where players can transfer between the servers via the Obelisk and transfer their dinos, characters, items between them.

You can stop the transfer of certain things like dinos too should you wish to.
To order additional ARK servers for cluster or to set them up in cluster if you already have them, please contact us.

Please provide the below when contacting us:

Servers: If you already have multiple ARK servers, let us know which ones you want clustering. If you don't already have them, let us know how many you'd like and with how many slots.

A Cluster ID: This can be whatever you like but needs to be unique to anyone else. If you do not provide one for us, we will create one for you. This enables the servers to "talk" to each other.

Map/s: Let us know the maps you'd like on the servers. You can change this later yourself, it just helps with the initial setup to know which to set the servers up with. Any can be used, either modded, DLC, or Vanilla. Such as TheIsland, Extinction or Valhalla etc.

Backup: Confirm to us that you have taken a backup of your save and config data.

Next steps.

If new servers are being ordered, we'll invoice these for your payment to be made. Then we'll set them up.

If you already have the servers, we'll set them up in cluster for you. If they're on different machines, we may need to transfer them to be on the same machine.

If you have a preferred setup time, please let us know, or just say that we can proceed as soon as possible. As to not disrupt any player activity if it's during peak hours for your server.

Configuration and update of servers in cluster.

Servers can be setup completely individually, so you can setup mods, map and configuration differently on each.

Servers are updated separately. We recommend keeping each server on the same version, so when you update one, make sure the others are updated too.

Updated on: 20/09/2019

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