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Uploading Save Game Files to Your Factorio Server

Factorio saves game/maps are saved as .zip files.

Head over to the control panel on your server.
This can be located on the following tcadmin

On the server panel, you will find an icon called File Explorer, click on the icon, and this will open the file management screen,

you will need to navigate the following folder saves.
Once open, you will see a click on upload on the bar above.

Upload the .zip file containing the world you would like to upload by dragging and dropping it into the upload manager window.

After the file is uploaded, go to the command-line Settings on the control panel.

Once open, you will see a command-line called Load save file on the right you will need to click on enable me? ( a drop-down menu will appear)

You will need to change the settings to point to the correct server world zip file.
By default, it will be set to

When entering the name, it must exactly match the .zip file in the saves folder You will need to include .zip in the name

For example, if the save name is in the save folder in the command line, the box in the command line (Load save file) will be set to

Click apply and save the setting in the command line.
Start server

Any issues, please feel free to reach out and get in touch with the team

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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