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Connecting To Your Factorio Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Factorio server host!

This guide will cover connecting to your Factorio Server.

There are multiple ways to connect to your Factorio server:

Joining through steams server list.
Joining through the in-client server list.
Direct IP in-game.

Joining Through Steams Server List

Steam has a server list accessible through the steam client, which will allow you to connect to the server.

Open Steam and navigate to View → Servers.
Click on Favorites then Add Server

Next navigate to your TCADMIN panel and copy and paste your IP:PORT
Paste the IP:PORT into the box.
Double click your server and you should connect!

If you cannot connect, the server should be considered a Favorited server, so you can open your Factorio client and look for the highlighted cogwheel in the server list.

Joining Through The In-Client Server List

Factorio has an in-client server list browser that you can locate your server with.

Navigate to the in-client server list.

Go to the search bar and enter the server name you set in your server-settings.json.
Your server should show up and you can connect to it.

Direct Connect By IP

You can connect to your server by direct IP:
Acquire the IP and port via TCADMIN panel.
Simply go to play → Multiplayer → Connect to server
Fill in the IP:PORT and anything else required and then connect!

Updated on: 20/09/2019

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