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This guide will cover connecting to your Factorio Server.
There are multiple ways to connect to your Factorio server:

Joining through steams server list.
Joining through the in-client server list.
Direct IP in-game.

Joining Through Steams Server List
Steam has a server list accessible through the steam client, which will allow you to connect to the server.

Open Steam and navigate to View → Servers.
Click on Favorites then Add Server

Next navigate to your TCADMIN panel and copy and paste your IP:PORT
Paste the IP:PORT into the box.
Double click your server and you should connect!

If you cannot connect, the server should be considered a Favorited server, so you can open your Factorio client and look for the highlighted cogwheel in the server list.

Joining Through The In-Client Server List
Factorio has an in-client server list browser that you can locate your server with.

Navigate to the in-client server list.

Go to the search bar and enter the server name you set in your server-settings.json.
Your server should show up and you can connect to it.

Direct Connect By IP
You can connect to your server by direct IP:
Acquire the IP and port via TCADMIN panel.
Simply go to play → Multiplayer → Connect to server
Fill in the IP:PORT and anything else required and then connect!
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