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Adding Mods To Your Factorio Server

Thank you for choosing us as your Factorio server host!

This guide will cover adding mods to your Factorio server.

Adding mods to your Factorio server is rather simple and straight forward.

Firstly navigate to the official mod portal to find/locate mods of your choosing.

Once you've downloaded the mod, keep the folder zipped, do not extract the folder at all before uploading it.

Navigate to your TCADMIN panel.

Open up File Manager and you should see a Mods folder.

Open the Mods folder and click upload, upload the .zip file.

Do not extract the .zip at all even after uploading. Factorio reads .zip files for mods and this is the standard procedure to install a mod!

Once uploaded, back out and restart your server.

A mod might have a dependency mod so always read the mod information on the website before submitting a ticket about issues! A mod that depends on another mod will not load.

Updated on: 17/05/2020

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