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Transferring Server Saves - VRising

Thank you for choosing Serverblend s as your V Rising host!

In this guide you will learn how to migrate server saves from V Rising. We will provide steps for locally hosted servers.

Migrating Your Local V Rising Save

If you were hosting a local game on your PC for a few friends or just for solo play, you can always move your saves onto your Serverblend server and continue from where everyone left off.
Head to the following directly in Windows Explorer: \AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\v1 - If you have multiple saves, they will show up as randomly named folders. Though you can check dates and/or the session name within the ServerHostSettings.json to help differentiate.

Once you have found the folder, you should see multiple Autosave_ folders. 0 being oldest. Take your preferred auto-save (Usually the latest save) and within that folder will be multiple .save files. You can compress or move these over using FTP, which we suggest doing, you can follow this guide for FTP here. You can also do the same with the ServerGameSettings.json in the root folder to copy your settings.

Now head to your TCadmin panel and access the File Explorer and following the folder structure: save-data > Saves > v1. Depending on if the server was run after installing or set-up, you will have a folder labelled World1 in here. You can create a folder labelled AutoSave_0 if it doesn't exist already and then upload those files into that folder. (Done the same way with FTP)

Start up the server and attempt a join once it is up. You should load into your character and everything should be like how it was left.

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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