This error and crash is related to your world for Space Engineers.

It can be caused by many things in your world. We have created this article to advise on the common occurrences.

Floating objects / ships / asteroids at extreme distances away. For this, please run a clean up of your world using SE Toolbox Remove any and all objects that are at extreme distances. We advise anything at or outside of 1000km, and for best performance outside of 500km. If you have ships that you use at those distances, you can use the tool to move the objects nearer.

Torch. Turning this off can make your server stable again and stop the crash happening.

Try restoring a backup

Try removing or reverting any changes that were done when the crash started happening

Starting a new map in all occurrences will fix the issue. You can then blueprint / copy over your ships / stations from the old world to the new.
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