If your server Space Engineers or Medieval Engineers is stuck in starting (you will see this if when you hover over the "Quick Actions" menu and it has been saying ONLY "Kill Server" for more than 20 mins, Please follow the below steps. This method can also resolve the "Failed to download mods" error.

Login to your control panel and in the "Quick Actions" list, click on Kill Server
Click on File Manager
Right click > Edit (or select and then click the edit button) on SpaceEngineersDedicated.log
Search this (using ctrl+F on Windows, this is a search tool) for "Failed" or "duplicate", this should highlight mods that have failed to download or are duplicated in the list, or have failed in another way. You will see the mod ID next to the failed to download / duplicate error. Like 5436345
Remove that from the MOD id list, and then start the server.

There may be more than one, so make sure to check.

If after trying the above method, you find that there are no mods that show failed, or the error persists after removing all that show failed to download. Then you can try this method too, however please note that this is an older method and may stop working in future versions of Space Engineers:

Download the world file from Map Manager in your control panel.
Make a new save game folder in saves on your local computer.
Drag files from the downloaded world into the new save folder.
Load the new save game.
You will then see the mod failed to download error.
Go into the mod settings for that save.
Find the mod that isn't downloading. > Its red and has the workshop ID.
Take that ID out from the mod list in the server in "Game Configuration" in your server control panel..
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