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Path of Titans - Server Settings.

Path of Titans offers a wide variety of server settings that you can customize your ServerBlend server to fit your specific needs. Below are explanations of the current server settings that can be adjusted. As more settings are added we will continue to add these settings and explanations for you.

Some settings may change as the developers continue to develop the game. Some may also be removed.

Server Settings

-username= username to alderon games
-password= password to alderon games
-log Turns on logging
-nobe Disables Battleeye
?ServerName=My_Server_Name Will be displayed on the server list as My Server Name. Underscores are replaced with spaces, preferable to using the config variable.

Game Configuration

ServerName= Server name to show up in the browser
ServerPassword= Server password
bServerFish=true/false Allows fish you spawn in water sources
bServerWaterQualitySystem=true/false Allows your server to use the water quality system.
bServerWaystoneCooldownRemoval=true/false removes the fast travel cooldowns (30 min)
bServerFallDamage=true/false Allows falling damage from heights
ServerDiscord= Discord information for integration
bServerAutoRestart=false/true Restart the server automatically.
RestartLengthInSeconds=10800 Number of seconds to restart the server
ServerDeadBodyTime=0 Changing this is to remove corpses

ServerStartingTime=1350 Time of Day that the game starts with 0-2400
bServerDynamicTimeOfDay=1 Use Dynamic Time Of Day (Animated Day Night Cycle)
ServerDayLength=240 Length in Minutes of a Full Day Cycle
MaxGroupSize=10 Maximum size of a party
MaxGroupLeaderCommunicationDistance=50000 Distance a pack/group leader may communicate with their group members.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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