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First Steps for your Path Of Titans Server

Thank you for choosing us for your Path of Titans Game server!

This article will explain common questions to help you get started, it covers:

Initial Setup - Configuring your authentication token.
Initial Setup - Server GUID
Updating your Path Of Titans game server
Setting up automated restarts.
Setting up Mods.

Each step is covered below with guidance on completing the relevant action.

Initial Setup - Configuring your authentication token and logins.

Acquire your authentication token by logging into your Alderon games account via the AlderonGames website.
Once logged in generate a new token.

Path of Titans has a token authentication system to link your server with your game account. Without this the server will not function and you will be unable to launch the server and update the server. You can enter this token in your game servers config files.

Now you have your token, in the control panel, click config files.
Click the option to open the config editor for the StartWithUpdater.bat file.
Enter the token and your Alderon games account username/email and password.

It is recommended to use the Token however automated updated and the ability to update require the username and password due to the token system is being a new system and not working for the Alderon token at this time.

Save the file.

Initial Setup - Server GUID

Each server also requires a Server GUID. This GUID is linked to your Path of Titans server and Alderon Games Account it starts with.
Generate a code here:
Enter this code in the box in the StartWithUpdater.bat file.

Updating your Path Of Titans game server.

You must set your username and password for the update function to process as tokens do not allow updating at this time.

All Path Of Titans game servers will automatically check for patches upon starting the server. It is best to leave the server for a couple of minutes before refreshing the page to ensure updates occur.

Once the server is online it will automatically check for updates whilst it is online. If found you can restart the server to apply the new update. You can also setup an automated restart using built in game settings.

Setting up automated restarts.

It is recommended to NOT use the panels scheduled task scripts to setup restarts. Whilst this is possible. You should setup the built in restart functions so you obtain ingame notifications.

Click config files.
Open the editor for the game.ini (Use text or config depending on your own preference)
Find the options below and adjust them to your preference.

bServerAutoRestart=true - Enables automatic server restarts.
RestartLengthInSeconds=10800 - Specifies the time between automatic server restarts in seconds.

Players will be warned every 2,1 hours - 30,10,5,1 minutes - 10,5,4,3,2,1 seconds before restart.

Setting up mods.

Click config files and open the editor for the GameUserSettings.ini

Under the [PathOfTitans.Mods] add the line EnabledMods=UGC_M_DYV7XYEGX2_SK where UGC_M_DYV7XYEGX2_SK is the Mod ID of the mod you want to use for your server. UGC_M_DYV7XYEGX2_SK is the unique MOD ID identifier of the mod to enable which will automatically be downloaded and enabled on restart. You can add additional lines to enable more then one mod at once.

You can find the ID of mods by looking at their Mod ID in-game. Select the mod you are interested in, and note down the number.

Developer Example:

;German Shepard Mod (this is a example of mod stacking)

Updated on: 21/12/2021

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