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How to use Public Pay

The Public Pay feature enables people to pay credit to your account via a unique link. You can then use that credit to pay for services here. Helping to share the cost.

First you will need to get your unique payment URL.

Go here and login

Here you will see your Public Pay link and previous Public Pay payments, you will also have the option to set a custom name if you don't want people to see your real name.

Copy your Public Pay link and share it with the people who wish to make payments.

If you wish to use the link yourself for a one time payment it will need to be used in an incognito/private browser tab as you must not be logged into your billing area to use it.

PayPal can be used with Public Pay without the need to assign a credit card to your PayPal account for recurring payments.

How to assign credit from Public Pay to your account.

Login to your client area and go to Billing > My Invoices in the navigation bar

Click on the invoice you wish to pay with the Public Pay funds

You will then see a box asking if you would like to apply your credit balance to this invoice and asking you how much

Enter the amount you wish to apply to the invoice, and click "Apply credit"

The amount will now be applied to your invoice, and you will see it in the invoice items area under Sub Total, marked as Credit.

* Credit will automatically be assigned to an invoice if credit is created before the invoice, otherwise you will need to apply it manually following the above instructions.

* You can also remove credit from any invoice that has not been fully paid, by following the same instructions as if you were adding credit, and you will see the option to remove it.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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