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How to connect to your Fragmented game server

With Fragmented just being released it is still early days and some aspects are not working within the game itself like the server list. So to get around this they have provided us with information on how to show your server ingame.

Method 1

Start the game and on the main screen at the bottom you find a box for your IP/Port that you wish to connect to. Simply type your servers IP:Port into these boxes and connect.

Method 2

You can use the manual server txt file to add your own server to the list to show up (alternatively it is also good for getting rid of all those extra servers you do not want to see).

In order to edit this file, please follow these instructions. (This is on your OWN computer and not the server)

Find Fragmented in your Steam Library. Right click and choose Properties.
Go to the Local Files Tab and choose Browse Local Files.
Drill down to Fragmented/Binaries/Win64
Find the manualServers.txt file and open it with a file editor.

You should have a list of many servers, you can keep them there, find the ones you like to play that the Devs host, or remove them all. Then you will need to add your server.

US East 1,,7777,Casual PVE,40,,8082

Above is an example of one server. You have the server name, IP, UDP Port (game port), Ruleset type, max players, version, and then finally the ping port used. The ports are the defaults, you mostly just need to replace the server name and IP.

Once that is done start the client and go online and if all is working you should see your server and you can connect to it.

Updated on: 13/01/2019

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