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Fragmented Ingame Server Commands

These should be inputted directly in the chat box. Parameters to replace are [ between brackets ].

Any instance of [character name] should have the character name enclosed by double quotes "" if the character has a composed name (i.e. /ban "josh halls").

/ban [character name] [GM COMMAND]
/creategroup [group name] --> creates a chat group and adds a tab named [group_name]
/gm guildsdata --> unsure, debugging command?
/gm playersdata --> unsure, debugging command?
/guildinvite [character name]
/givepoints --> levels up the character to the next level [GM COMMAND]
/info [ topic ] --> topics : {steam} (probably useful for other things than just steam?.. let me know if you find/know of other uses!)
/item create 1 [item name] --> spawns a given item in your inventory [GM COMMAND]
/item armorcolor [part] [model_color_region] [r] [g] [b] [alpha] --> sets the color of a specific area of the model of the part of armor currently worn by the character [GM COMMAND]
/joingroup [group name] --> joins a chat group and adds a tab named [group_name]
/kick [character name] [GM COMMAND]
/leavegroup [group name] --> leaves a chat group and removes a tab named [group_name]
/location --> gives your x y z location, which can be used with the /teleport
/mute [character name]
/pm [character name]
/profile --> lists or modifies current server ruleset [GM COMMAND]
/restore --> Almost like a /stuck type command for testing. If your character winds up in a borked state for some reason it will try to reset them. For example if you died and returned and stopped regenerating or something of that nature. [GM COMMAND]
/save --> no idea what that does!
/setname [playername] --> renames your character on this server/save (as one of the slash commands instead of only in the console)
/suicide (thanks Stadi)
/speed [0-255] --> increase running speed [GM COMMAND]
/teleport [x] [y] [z] (fun for testing! but probably not for gameplay purposes) [GM COMMAND]
/time --> current server timestamp?
/unban [character name] [GM COMMAND]
/unmute [character name]
/who --> lists all clients logged in the current server
/wipeme charactercreation --> removes the current character info from the server (temporary fix command if you have issues when login in your character)
/wipeme equipment --> wipe out currently equipped equipment [GM COMMAND]
/wipeme inventory --> clear out your inventory [GM COMMAND]
/wipeme skills ---> resets your character to level 1
/wipeme structures --> command to clear all structures [GM COMMAND]

Updated on: 14/02/2019

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