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Arma Life SQL How To

Arma Life SQL How To

The SQL for Arma Life will need some alterations for it to work fine for your server.

You can download the Arma Life SQL here:
You'll want to right click the SQL file and edit it with notepad, preferably notepad++!
Scroll down until you see USE altislife - You will want to change altislife to your database name, which can be found by clicking on the Fetch MySQL Details on your control panel.

Also remove all the lines in the Drop Procedure and Create Definer sections, and the Create User section at the bottom.

Now login to PHPMyAdmin here (using the details found using the fetch mysql details button), select your database name on the left, then click SQL at the top

Copy and paste the text from your notepad document into the SQL box, then hit the "Go" button. Done!

Updated on: 17/01/2022

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