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Arma 3 - Setting up Inidb2

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Installing and using Inidb2

In this article, we'll be learning how to set up the mod inidb2 for Arma III, which'll allow you to save the servers data on restart!

Please check to see if your mission supports inidb2, as if it doesn't, saving/loading won't happen as well as player data will not be stored. You can check the mission description on it's page.

Head to your TCADMIN control panel here
Click on Mod Manager

Look for the Inidb2 mod in the list and click install.
Then head to your Commandline Manager the button next to your Mod Manager
You'll notice a few commandline options here, if you're using workshop mods, use the Workshop Browser Mods + Extra Command line options setting, or the one above it if you aren't using workshop mods.

Once you click it, it'll open up below with fields to enter and then in the Mods that need to be run under -servermod field enter "@inidb2;"

Click the apply button and it should add it to your commandline.

To see your inidb2's stored files, you would go to your File Manager, then you'll see the root folder, click on @inidb2 and then the folder labelled db. This is where player data is stored and can be altered if needs be. It'll typically have the UUID of the player and has the stats inside it.

Updated on: 19/11/2019

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