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KSP Server Settings Config

This guide is an explanation of the server settings found within the Config Files of your server. To start, any lines with the # are ignored by the server. Any invalid values will be reset to their default values.

To start configuring your Kerbal Space Program Server, click on the Config Files on the control panel. Here you will see two text editors, one called Config\Settings.txt and DMPServerSettings.txt. The settings defined below are the default values you will see until you make the changes.

You can find many of these settings in both the Settings.txt and DMPServerSettings.txt.

The port the server listens on. This will match the port your server has been given. This is already setup and you should not have a need to change this.

This specifies the warp type. The values you can use are: MCW_FORCE, MCW_VOTE, MCW_LOWEST, SUBSPACE_SIMPLE, SUBSPACE, & NONE

This specifies the game type. The values you can use are: SCIENCE, SANDBOX, & CAREER.

This specifies the difficulty of the game on the server. The values you can use are: EASY, NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD, & CUSTOM.

This is the portion that allows you to specify if your server is whitelisted or not. Change to True to enable. This means there is not a password to join the server and requires setting up.

This is to enable mod control. Only consider turning off mod control for private servers as the game will consistently complain about missing parts if there are mods missing. The values that you can use are: DISABLED, ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_SYNC, ENABLED_STOP_INVALID_PART_LAUNCH.

This specifies if the server's universe "ticks" while no players are connected or the server is shut down. Set to False if you wish the world to "pause" while players are not connected or the server is offline.

If this is set to True, it will send the player to the latest subspace upon connecting. If set to false, it will send the player to the previous subspace they were in. This may potentially cause a time-paradox and will not work across server restarts.

This specifies the level of logs that you can set. The values you can use are: DEBUG, INFO, CHAT, ERROR, & FATAL.

This is the number of screenshots that can be saved per player. You can indicate the number, however, if you choose to have none allowed or unlimited use the following values: -1 for None and 0 for Unlimited.

This is the setting for the vertical resolution of the screenshots taken.

This setting is to enable or disable the ability to cheat on the server. Setting to False will disable the ability.

HTTP port for server status. 0 is the value for Disabled.

serverName=DMP Server
This is the name of the server you'd like to set.

This is the amount of players that can join the server and is 40 by default.

This is where you can specify a custom screenshot directory. The directory must be created in the File Explorer and set here to tell the server where the screenshot folder is.

This specifies in minutes how often the /nukeksc automatically runs. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

This specifies in minutes how of the the /dekessler automatically runs. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

This specifies how many untracked asteroids will spawn into the universe. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

This specifies the name that will appear when you send a message using the server's console.

serverMotd=Welcome= %name%!
This specifies the server's MoTD (Message of The Day) that will appear when a player joins and will specify their name.

This specifies how many days a screenshot should be considered as expired and set to be deleted. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

This specifies whether to enable or disable compression. This decreases the bandwidth usage but can increase CPU usage. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

This specifies the number of days a log file will be kept before being considered as expired and set to be deleted. If set to 0 it will be disabled.

Updated on: 25/01/2021

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