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How to setup regular restarts on your game server

This article will guide you setting up regular restarts. Restarting your game server can aid with performance by freeing up and refreshing the servers usage. Though it is important to look into performance if restarts have little to no effect.

For example Space Engineers, the content will always remain in the world even after a restart and whilst initially the restart will help as the world and grids are used performance issues could return. This is why map maintenance is vital for all games that allow it. Removing old unused content is always worth doing by setting decay timers or manually removing.

If you have not setup restarts on your server, we recommend you follow this article and set them right away.

This article will guide you on setting these up.

Log in to your TCADMIN panel

Click on the Scheduled Tasks Icon

Click new and select Schedule Start/Stop/Restart. Once selected click new underneath it.

Setup the task to run as shown below. This will provide a daily restart.

Options for making the task:

Name: Whatever you want it to be.
Enabled: Ticked
Type: Daily
Start: Pick when you want the first task to start in the future.
Repeat: Unticked

Should you want to enable multiple restarts per day you would tick the Repeat option.

Repeat: Ticked
Repeat Every: 12 hours. (Or other period)
For: 24 Hours.

Once finished, click save.

The advanced tab can be left default but this tab will allow you to configure restart/stop/start functions or even change the active command line.

You have now setup your regular restarts for your game server. Adjust the times as you require.

Updated on: 13/08/2021

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