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How to setup regular game server backups

This article will guide you setting up regular backups.

If you have not setup backups on your server, we recommend you follow this article and set them right away.

It is always vital to have backups available. This article will guide you on setting these up.

Log in to your TCADMIN panel

Click on the "Scheduled Tasks" Icon

Click new and select Backup your saves/config

Setup the task to run as shown below. This will provide a daily backup.

Options for making the task:

Name: Whatever you want it to be.
Enabled: Ticked
Type: Daily
Start: Pick when you want the first task to start in the future.
Repeat: Unticked

Once finished, click save.

You have now setup your regular daily backups for your game server. Adjust the times as you require.

ServerBlend takes regular offsite backups for emergency purposes that can be accessed by contacting support. However these take time to acquire and it is recommended to ensure you have suitable backups via other methods be it this method or manual backups.

Updated on: 13/08/2021

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