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How to change taming, harvesting and XP rates for a Dark and Light server

In order to increase taming, harvesting and XP rates, please follow the steps below:

Ensure your server is offline prior to making any changes to the configuration.

Log in to our TCAdmin panel here.
Navigate to your game services and select your Dark and Light server.
Click on Configuration Files.
For the GameUserSettings.ini file, click on Text Editor.
Look and change these settings how you wish:

XPMultiplier=1.000000 - This will increase your XP multiplier.

TamingSpeedMultiplier=1.000000 - This will increase the taming speed.

HarvestAmountMultiplier=1.000000 - This will increase the harvesting rate.

3.0000000 would be 3 times the normal rate for example.

If these settings are not in your GameUserSettings.ini file, add them under [ServerSettings].

Updated on: 14/02/2019

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