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ECO - Player Commands

ECO Player Chat Commands

These are chat commands that the player can enter while on the server.

/allaccounts <-----> Displays all bank accounts in the game.

/authlevel <-----> Lists your authorization level.

/help <-----> Lists all commands.

/listadmins <-----> Lists all server admins.

/mark (waypointname) <-----> Marks a waypoint for you.

/players <-----> Shows all the plays currently on the server.

/sealevel <-----> Shows current sea level and how much its risen by.

/testroom <-----> Check the current surroundings to see if it's a room, and if not explain why not.

/thirdperson <-----> Goes into third person view.

/titlelist <-----> Lists all existing titles and info about them.

/unstuck <-----> If your character is stuck, this command can help to fix.

``/unstuckvehicle` <-----> This command works the same as unstuck, except for vehicles.

/useractivity <-----> Displays a list of users and when they last logged in.

/whatami <-----> Shows current skill title

/whoami <-----> Shows your user ID

Text Markup

These commands work on signs in the game; perfect for formatting your signs.

bold = <b>bold</b>

italic = <i>italic</i>

underlined = <u>underlined</u>

strikethrough = <s>strikethrough</s>

Coloring the signs.

(50% transparency. Last two digits are for opacity, 00-99)

subscript = <sub>subscript</sub>

superscript = <sup>superscript</sup>

— Line break (creates a new text line)

— (can align "center", "left", or "right". Center is default)

Icons can also be shown in chat using the item ID. The following example would display the icon for Stone:

<ecoicon item='StoneItem'>

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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