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Unable to scan server with a listing site such as GameTracker

If you come to add your Teamspeak 3 server to a server listing site such as GameTracker but are unable to, with a message such as "unable to scan server", it is likely the Teasmspeak 3 server is missing the permissions to do this.

To fix this simply follow the below instructions

Login to the TS3 server with the server owner account (the person to first connect to the TS3 server and add the priviledge key)
Open the settings menu in the TS3 client and then select "Options" at the bottom.
Turn on the "Advanced Permissions System" setting under the Application tab
Close the options window and then you should see a new tab called "Permissions", open this and click on "Server Groups"
In the left box, select the "Guest" group, then in the middle box you need to add the permissions to allow scanning of the server.
To do this, simply double click on the following permissions

serverinfo: Virtual Server -> Information -> View Virtual Server Info (or b_virtualserver_info_view)
clientlist: Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of Clients online (or b_virtualserver_client_list)
channellist: Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of existing Channels (or b_virtualserver_channel_list)

Please note the above are paths, so you would first click on Virtual Server, Then Information, then double click on the "View Virtual Server Info" (or other) setting in order to activate that permission.

Once the above are activated, close the window and then re-scan or attempt to re-add the server to the server listing site, it should then work succesfully.

Updated on: 06/03/2022

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