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Making your Affiliate Link, Link Directly to a Product Order Page

By default, your unique affiliate tracking link, links to our homepage. However, it can also be linked to a specific product order page by adding a little extra to the end of the link.

We do find however that keeping it to go to the homepage is better for conversions

To do this

Add: &pid=x to the end of the URL, changing the x, to the ID of the product you would like to link to.


ARK Survival Evolved Standard = 119
Space Engineers Standard = 117
Rust Standard = 121
Conan: Exiles: 188
7 Days to Die Standard= 123
HurtWorld Standard = 122
Fragmented Standard = 125
ARMA 3 Standard = 127
TeamSpeak 3 = 126

We have other ID's available for our other services, please contact us if the one you need is not listed

Example to link directly to ARK: Survival Evolved game server order form

Not already an affiliate and would like to sign up as one? Click Here. Contact us to discuss your affiliate commission rate.

A huge thank you from us for your promotion!

Updated on: 11/12/2018

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