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DayZ-How to install mods.

To install mods for DayZ you can click on the Steam Workshop Icon by logging into your control panel.

Steam Workshop

Click on the mod you wish to install on your server and then allow the process to complete. Once it finishes it will reset the workshop back to default allowing you to know it is completed.

DayZ workshop click to install

You can also check what mods you have installed by the dropdown menu under content type to show mods that need to be updated or installed mods. You can uninstall mods directly from the panel also.

Important - DayZ requires no spaces in the mod names when they auto-sort into your command line. If you run into mods that have spaces in their names in the command line, you will need to go to File Explorer on your panel and rename the folders, then change the mod names under the command line settings. Otherwise, the mods will not run and will appear to not work.

Mod Spaces need to be removed.

Any other reasons mods will not install properly usually means the mod itself is outdated if all steps above have been taken and the mod is still not working. Usually this will show up as a crash in your logs while your server is running.

Updated on: 23/10/2022

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