This article may soon become, or already be, depreciated, as you may be using Luna Multiplayer rather than DMP. (Dark Multiplayer)
You may choose to use DMP rather than Luna Multiplayer, or vise versa, by contacting us here.

Install the mods you want on your game, as you usally do with mods. By placing them in the Game Data folder of your local installtion. (take a note of the mods you have installed)

Login to your server.

In the DarkMultiplayer - status box, click "options"

Click on either:

(A) Generate blacklist DMPModControl.txt (Users on the server will be able to use any mods. Unless they are listed in the blacklist section. Some people will be able to see and use other peoples modded parts, and others will not, recommended for public servers where you cant communicate your mod list to other people on the server)

(B) Generate white list DMPModControl.txt (Users will only be able to connect to server, only they have all the required and optional files (mods). This ensures that everyone can see everything, and is recommended for servers where you can communicate the mods)

Tell the other people joining the server what mods you have, so that they can install them too, so they will be able to see your mods.

Find the newly generated DMPModControl.txt that will be found in your KSP root directory. Located in a simlar place to this: SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program

Upload the newly generated DMPModControl.txt to the server and replace it with the one currently there.

Restart the server, and reconnect

The name must stay as DMPModControl.txt

You can also look at the instructions and other notes inside the file. Which show you how to do others things, and change a few things, so you can customize to your exact requirements.
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