To Install/update

Please make sure the server is fully stopped before proceeding

On the dashboard for your game server, click the "Mod Manager" button

Click "Install" next to the uMod/Oxide mod.

Once done, you must startup the server fully to generate the required files. Its a good idea to join now to check everything is still working.

Once installed, go back to the dashboard for your game server and you will see a new button "One click uMod / Oxide Plugin Installer!", click this

Find a plugins you want from the uMod website

Click, so that you're on the plugins page. Then copy the URL, and paste it into the box shown after clicking the button in step 3. You can specify multiple, one per line.

You must use the website URL, not the download URL. If it has .cs on the end, is the wrong URL.

Click execute and wait until done. Start the server. All done!

There may-be a few plugins that don't install using this method, such as if they need a special file elsewhere, simply contact us if this is the case and we can help.

You can use the above steps to update the plugin/s too.

To Configure Plugins

You must have started the server once fully after installing the plugin before proceeding.

On the dashboard for your game server, click the "File Manager" button.

Then click the Oxide folder, then config.

In here are all your config files for the mods.

Please note, not all mods have configuration, if you are sure a mod has config, but no file is here for it. Please make sure you have started the server fully and connected for good measure, after installing the mod

You can click the pencil icon to open the file, you can then edit it as required.

Once done, click save, then start or restart the server.
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