Not everyone wants their server available to the public, it opens the server to abuse and destruction of your hard work and time. To secure your server follow this article.

Log in to our TCAdmin panel.
Select the server you want to make private.
Click on Configuration Files.
Next to ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\GameUserSettings.ini, click on Text Editor
Under [ServerSettings], you will find a setting named ServerPassword=.
Add your password next to the "ServerPassword=" configuration option.

This will make your server's password 123456.

You can also use the configuration editor for the GameUserSettings.ini to change the server password. You will find this under the [Server Main Settings] listed as Private Password

ServerPassword is to set a password for the server. This means that whenever you want to join the server, you have to enter the ServerPassword you put.

ServerAdminPassword is for setting the in-game admin password.
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