To edit an engram in ARK: Survival Evolved, such as to hide it so people cant use it, change the cost, level requirement or removing any pre-requirements, please follow the below steps:

Stop your ARK: Survival Evolved game server
Go to configuration files in our control panel and click the text editor next to the Game.ini configuration file.
Paste this code in the file, it must be placed on its own separate line:


Go to this page: and find the Engram you want to change.

For example, Electronics. Next to it you will see a "classname" that looks similar this:


Copy the classname and add it to your code you added in step 3 where "INSERTENGRAMNAMEHERE" is, so it looks similar to this:

Make sure there are no spaces between the " and the classname

To edit the engram settings:

To hide the engram; set EngramHidden=True in the code (to not hide it, set to false)
To change the cost of the engram change this bit: EngramPointsCost=9999 to the cost you would like.
To change the level requirement of the engram change this bit: EngramLevelRequirement=0 to the level you want to player to be, to be able to access it.
To remove any pre requirements to be able to access the engram change this bit: RemoveEngramPreReq=False to true.

Repeat step 3 through 6 for each engram you would like to edit. Each engram code must be placed one per line, for example:

Once finished, click Save and start the server!

If you would like us to do this for you, we offer an engram setup service! The cost depends on how many engram edits you require.

Please contact us by clicking here to submit a ticket to enquire about this.
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