SESM our custom control panel currently does not support MOD.IO mods but they can be added manually. Please note if you do add mods, you must not save the config page, as it will overwrite the manual changes.

Stop the game server via the control panel. Ensure it is stopped fully.
Use the Space Engineer Mods.IO website to obtain your MOD ID. It is normally under the mods name.
Open your file explorer and navigate to Saves/YOURMAPNAME
Right click and edit the Sandbox_config.sbc file.
In this file, scroll to the mods section.


*Replace the <Mods></Mods> part of code with the <Mods> code below.

<ModItem FriendlyName="Re-balanced Star Wars Weapons">
<ModItem FriendlyName="Flare's Tiered Hydrogen Thrust">
<ModItem FriendlyName="Azimuth Power Mod Pack">

Save the Sandbox_config.sbc file

Saving the config page after this point will revert/remove the settings you changed manually. You should change any settings before doing this step or manually change them.

Start your server. It will take a little longer to start while it downloads the mods.
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